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Ellen Whyte and all of her band configurations demo promo

Here's a video montage featuring all three different sized band configurations. This was filmed "live" at the Trails End Saloon in Oregon City on October 18, 2019.

Below are promo videos for each band configuration.  

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Ellen Whyte and the Trio

5 piece

Ellen Whyte and the 5 Piece Band

9 piece

Ellen Whyte and the 9 Piece Band

Ellen Whyte: Ellen is an Oregon Music Hall of Fame inductee and three-time Grammy Award nominated singer, songwriter and guitarist. Continuously impressing audiences, she is one of the few who can sing blues, pop and jazz with the passion, skill and authenticity that keeps fans coming back for more.

Gene Houck: Gene is known for his soulful voice and grooving bass guitar work. He has recorded and toured with the likes of Maria Muldaur, Norton Buffalo, Blues guitarist Roy Rogers and local saxophone legend Patrick Lamb. His strong lead vocals have been heard on many national ads such as Budweiser and Taco Bell.

Jean-Pierre Garau: Jean-Pierre has been and continues to be one of the busiest keyboardists in Oregon. With many recording credits under his belt he has also been singing and touring with such artists as violinist Aaron Meyer, The Brown Sisters as well as saxophonist Patrick Lamb.

The five piece band includes the trio plus:

Garry Meziere: With a career in the Pacific Northwest spanning over 30 years, Garry is an award winning guitarist who is as masterful with blues as he is rock or jazz. " Garry Meziere's lead guitar work is the equal of anything you will ever hear.” Daily Freeman, New York/Phillip H. Farber.

Michael Braun: Michael is an extraordinarily talented drummer with an impressive resume. Although he has performed with Billy Joel, Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald and Carly Simon, he is most recognized as Hall & Oats longest touring drummer (from 1989–2010).

The 9 piece band includes the five piece plus the addition of a powerhouse four piece horn section featuring Pete Petersen, Greg Garret, Bryan Dickerson and John Moak.


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