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"Ellen Whyte and her pianist came and presented a Blues In The Schools presentation and concert for the Boise Blues Society and Eagle Commision on the Arts in the Eagle, Idaho school system last September and it was absolutely fabulous!

Ellen has a unique way of connecting up with the students in the audience and making them feel comfortable about writing an original song(s) as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

Another component that we very much appreciated was how Ellen effortlessly wove in the history of the Blues and the Black African-American Great Migrations from the American South and set up a historic perspective that helped further illustrate how Blues Music has influenced perhaps more different types of music than any other music.

However, I cannot emphasize enough that her knack of putting young students at ease to help open up their inner creativity in writing songs was wonderful to behold.

I heartily and totally recommend Ellen for any sort of Blues In The Schools program that you are considering with your students."

--Ken Harris, Boise Blues Society

“I’m proud to say I’ve been able to work with Ellen Whyte on several projects and have always found her to be, to my delight, and incredible singer and completely professional.  She not only sings like an angel, but brings her own styling and phrasing to every song that is completely individual. Thank God for Ellen Whyte who is one of the last few who still can sing blues, pop, and jazz, and still stand up on a stage and sing big band standards with the best of them.”

--Dennis Walker, Multiple Grammy Award Winning Producer

"Ellen’s voice, as always, defies belief. With a strong vocal ability she is capable of causing your nerves to tingle in excitement, while at the same time, she can come across with a gentle touch as a kitten nuzzling your cheek. From your first listen to Ellen’s breathy vocals on “The Blues Walked Through My Door” right through every spin culminating with “Thanks For The Ride,” with its Memphis Horns-styled energy, you’re going to want to take this trip with Ellen Whyte over and over again.”

--Greg Johnson, President, Cascade Blues Association

"Ellen’s a class act. Over the years she’s turned in some of the strongest sets we’ve seen on our stages. It was great to have her back in the lineup this year.”

--Peter Dammann, Talent Coordinator, Waterfront Blues Festival

“We have had Ellen at the Jazz in the Valley festival for two years and she was the first artists we asked to perform for both nights of the event. She absolutely knocked the socks off everybody at the festival and our patrons demanded that we have her back this year. And besides, she is one sweetheart of a person to work with. Her main goal, every show was to make our festival a success.”

--Larry Sharpe, Organizer of the Ellensberg Jazz and Blues Festival

“Every time I hear Ellen Whyte, I’m amazed that she isn’t a much bigger commercial success. She’s a great vocalist, and she chooses good material and she works really hard to connect with her audience. I hope that her hard work is rewarded because she’s paid her dues.”

--Dick Waterman, Blues Historian and Former Manager to Bonnie Raitt for 19 years


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